colorful kitties - plushies ane more!

Created by hannimations

colorful and bright kitty pals in the form of plushies, pins, charms, stickers, and more!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

surveys sent out + new add-on designs!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 08:36:19 AM

Hello hello everyone!! I finally have surveys sent out and ready for you to fill out so you can let me know which kitties and kitty add-ons you would like, as well as add-on any additional items you'd like to add on! Surveys will be open until December 15th, after which they will be locked! You can still change your address up until things start shipping out spring next year, but the items you choose will be locked in after December 15th!

If you do not get an email from backerkit with your survey link, you can check here by putting in your email: or send me a message here on kickstarter and I can directly send you the link to your survey!!

I also wanted to show off the 12 new add-on designs! We have several new keychain charms and pins done by our wonderful guest artists :D 

four images in a square, each showing an illustration of a colorful kitten.
four images in a square, each showing an illustration of a colorful kitten.
four images in a square, each showing an illustration of a colorful kitten.

these designs will be available for you to choose from for any add-ons you added during the campaign, or you may add them onto your pledge via backerkit! 

I also wanted to share the final sample for Sable :) They turned out so sweet and cute!

a pink, white, and gray kitten sitting on a similarly colored background. The kittens name, sable, is in the top corner.

Thank you thank you for all of your help! As soon as I have 70% of surveys filled out I can start up production on the plushies and we can get things going! :D 

- Han

first sable sample + survey timeline!
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 26, 2023 at 12:44:10 PM

Hello friends! Thank you thank you again for funding this project!! We are now in the preparation stage of production - I am currently working to set up the backerkit survey and working on revisions for the Sable plush sample! 

I wanted to share the first rendition of Sable with you! I'd still like to make some changes since I feel the contrast between the two grays isn't quite distinct enough, especially on the muzzle! but other than that I'm super happy with how they're coming out so far!

two pictures of the same pink, white, and gray cat plush. the plush is in a sitting position. the first picture shows it facing forward, while the second shows the back of the plush.
first rendition of the sable sample! I will be making a few color changes but the shape and main pattern will stay the same!

I want to be sure we have the final version of Sable before I send out surveys, but we are also cooking up a few more guest artist designs for enamel pins and acrylic charms as well! I wanted there to be a greater variety of pins and charms so I'll be including new pin + charm designs for a few extra cats! I want to give the artists some time to finish their designs, so the current plan for when surveys will roll out is late november!! This will give me time to set up the complex survey as well since with over 60+ items it will take quite a while to create items, attach pictures, and so forth.

Thank you so much for your help again in bringing these kitty characters to life! I'll continue to update as best I can as we finish new charm and pin designs. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here on kickstarter or leave a comment!

backers choice mystery kitty unlocked + just a few hours to go!!
4 months ago – Fri, Oct 13, 2023 at 09:26:01 AM

Hello hello again! The 35K goal has been reached and the final kitty has been unlocked!! The form results were VERY close but SABLE is our winner for backers choice and is now unlocked!! I will start work on a sample plush as soon as possible and will show pictures of the plush as soon as I have them! Sable will look similar in shape/pattern to Luna, just with different colors!

sable the siamese kitty!

Please keep in mind that I am physically incapable of doing every single kitty that I've designed as a plush at once. The results for backers choice were SO CLOSE and I hope to be able to do a V2 campaign! If the kitty you wanted didn't win, please don't loose hope! I plan to make more plush in the future, I just need more time to create more samples and more funding to create additional plush. 

My current goal for upcoming colorful creature crowdfunding campaigns is to do a mini/keychain plush campaign early next year and a V2 kitties campaign late next year! 

I am also working on some additional pin and charm designs based on the results of the backers choice to add more variety to those options. I will share designs as soon as I am able!

Please keep in mind that when the backerkit surveys open, you will be able to add additional plush, pins, stickers, lanyards, and charms onto your pledges! You can always add on more but once the campaign has ended you cannot remove items from your pledge, so please be sure to edit that before the campaign ends!! 

Thank you again so much for your overwhelming support on this campaign! It truly means the world to me that we get to bring these kitties to life, and I can't wait to see what else we'll do in the upcoming campaigns!

- Han <3

stretch goals + other new designs!
5 months ago – Wed, Oct 04, 2023 at 02:21:34 PM

Hello there! To start off - THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this project a reality! we've unlocked all 10 kitties in under 30 days, which is just AMAZING!! I'm so happy these little kitties will be real, and I can't thank you enough for your help!!!

Since we've met the last goal for $30K, I wanted to share a google form for voting for the next kitty to be unlocked if we happen to reach $35K! Here is the link to the form:

If we don't reach 35K, this survey will be used for a V2 campaign (similar to what I did for the puppies!) so I'd love whatever input you have!

I also wanted to share two new guest artist stickers, created by the wonderful Eevachu and Wheeliescoot! Please check the campaign story for their links! These two stickers feature melbie and harley! I am absolutely obsessed with how they turned out!!!

designs by wheeliescoot and Eevachu!!

There may be a few more stickers and pins released in the last few weeks of the campaign depending on what I'm able to accomplish, so keep an eye out for those coming up as well!!

If you have questions about any of the themes of the kitties, please feel free to message me here on kickstarter!!

Again, thank you THANK YOU for your help in making these products a reality!! Have a wonderful week!

- Han <3